Friday, February 17, 2012

Tea of the Week: Twinings Prince of Whales Tea

The Twinings company has been blending tea in London for over 300 years. You can almost taste the history in every cup of their Prince of Whales Tea, a blend reputed to be based on the personal blend of teas devised by Edward, Prince of Whales, who became King Edward VIII. He sold the rights to Twinings in 1921, and they mostly sell it outside of England. The tea is sourced from China, which is a bit unusual, as China is best known for green teas, and this is a black tea blend.

Liquor -- Bright amber

Aroma -- Earthy, with a vegetal undertone

Body -- Medium full

Flavors -- There is a grassy note, with complex vegetal undertones. It is smooth, and not at all astringent.

Other: This is a tea blend.

NOTE: I evaluate tea blends on this blog based on what came in the canister, so these tasting notes do not reflect any addition of dairy or sweeteners.

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