Friday, February 24, 2012

Tea of the Week: Republic of Tea Vanilla Almond

On my latest trip to Whole Foods, I saw this tea.  Real vainlla beans in a black tea blend?  I'm a sucker for that.  And real almond bits?  I just had to try it.  And I'm glad I did.  I took the advice on the cainster and brewed it strong.  The tagline for this tea is, "Sweeten the Mind Tea."  The Republic of Tea may be based out of California, but they specialize in "organic and exotic" teas from around the world.
Liquor --  Deep mahogany

Aroma --  This tea smells just like an almond cookie.

Body --  Medium

Flavors -- There is a bit of natural sweetness (though it's not as sweet as it smells).  It's got a definate almond cookie flavor, but it doesn't overwhelm the black tea base, which is mellow and smooth.

Other -- This tea is a flavored blend.  It is considered a "dessert tea."

NOTE: I evaluate tea blends on this blog based on what came in the canister, so these tasting notes do not reflect any addition of dairy or sweeteners.

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